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From this course, 

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  • A proven framework - to answer the most common interview questions so that you can confidently nail your answers every time.
  • Insider tips - from an expert advisor who has had multiple years of experience sitting on an admission committee and interviewing applicants, plus who also recently completed over 25 residency interviews
  • Done-for-you templates - to save you precious time and energy. From letters of interests to maximize your interview changes to post-interview thank you emails and interview trackers, these templates simplified the process and increase your chances at matching! 

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"I have practiced mock interviews with family and peers who are currently in medical school & have gone through the cycle, but Lily's careful attention to detail throughout our interview was by far the most helpful! Going through each of my responses in depth has helped me get a better gauge of how to structure my answers and optimize them for the school. I would highly recommend Lily's services!"

- Pre-med student, Accepted to Harvard Medical School

"Lily was such a great resource. Her feedback was professional, personal, and very helpful. She made the interview feel very real, and gave me a great feel for what to expect on my interview day. The questions she gave me were realistic and afterwards she gave great recommendations about how to elevate my answers. If you're like me and have never had any previous interview experience, I would seriously consider working with Lily."

- Pre-med student, Accepted to medical school