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Being able to write an incredible manuscript can transform the trajectory of your research productivity. 🙌

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 this guide will show you exactly what to say, so you can present your information confidently and show up like a pro.

When the imposter syndrome hits... this guide will stop you from questioning if you really know what to include in your manuscript. 

When you're pressed for time because you're studying for your next medical school exam... this guide will help you figure out how you can chip away at each section of your manuscript, spending only a few minutes to complete them. 
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"As a first year medical student, I knew I wanted to become involved in research. However, my lack of experience in scientific writing was holding me back. This guide lays everything out so clearly; thank you!"

Cara Maaghul

Rachel Beaulieu

"Lily made every step very clear and the manuscript it easy to read and encompasses everything you need to get started with your project! It is simplified from other tools you can find online. It was truly helpful to have insiders tips too!"

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✅ Tips for success - make writing easy by following these critical tips

Outlines and Examples of the 

  • Introduction

  • Methods

  • Results

  • Discussion

  • Conclusion

  • Abstract

✅ Submission checklist - Don't miss anything on this checklist before you submit or send a draft to your research mentor 


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"This book was filled with everything I needed to write my manuscript! It's concise and easy to follow!" 

Example Pages

I know how you feel...

The first manuscript I wrote was a flop... 😓 It was my first year of medical school. I completed a study and my mentor asked me to write the manuscript. 

I had zero research writing experience. I was lost.

So, I Googled "tips for writing a manuscript," watched some YouTube videos on it and tried to find some guides. I followed those tips and wrote a manuscript as best as I could.

I felt good that I put something together, but in all honesty, I had NO idea what I was doing. When I sent it to my mentor, it was FILLED with corrections. 🚫

How was I supposed to be productive at research if it's taking me THIS long to write a manuscript!?

Over the next few months, we went back and forth with corrections. It took almost 6 months for me to finalize this manuscript.

What I dedicated myself to over the next few weeks was learning how to write and put together a manuscript that is or almost in its final form when I'm done. I wanted a perfect product. No more wasting time back and forth.

Fast forward to now... I can write a manuscript with confidence and ease in a weekend. 🪄

I've put all the knowledge I've gained over the 6 years of doing research into this guide. This is something I wish I had DAY ONE when I began research. Imagine how many papers I could have written in a short time with some better guidance. Don't make my mistake.

Being able to craft an exceptional paper will wow your research mentor, get you on more projects, and significantly boost your research productivity. 

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About Dr. Lily, MD

Lily is an Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery resident who recently completed a competitive research fellowship at Harvard Medical School working with a world-renowned thyroid surgeon.

She has a wealth of knowledge on mentoring students and has been doing so for 6 years! She is the Founder of Med Mentors, a medical mentorship and advising company!  She's personally mentored hundreds of students and helped many of them get accepted into medical school! 

Lily is extremely passionate about research and created a comprehensive course - the Research Publication Academy, where she guides students through finding research opportunities, doing research, and writing manuscripts! She applied with over 40+ research items on her residency application with the majority of the publications being first-author. 


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