Gain confidence in your research journey with this course from Dr. Lily!

Become a more competitive medical school or residency applicant because you'll have everything you need to:

  • Find the right research opportunity and mentor who will support you and help you publish!
  • Expertly develop your own research idea, write a manuscript, and publish a paper so you can publish faster!
  • Gain the skills to write a case report
  • Know how to maximize your research output for your residency application


You will get access to a ton of exclusive templates, examples, and spreadsheets to make this process even easier (value $150+).

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"Lily's research masterclass is one of the most streamlined, easy to follow ways to understand the research process."

“Her videos are to the point so you never feel like you’re wasting your time and she provides very valuable information that would have otherwise taken hours to find online through different sites. I purchased both her first and second part and will purchase the how to write a manuscript next!”

- Nathalie Perez

"This course provided me with all the insight I needed to find a research mentor and start my research journey!"

“Lily really emphasized different strategies for success and used her own journey to provide examples. She preached passion and patience as keys to drive productivity, and this was the highlight of the class!”

- Manav Patel

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"I especially love the FAST technique, how each step has clear rationale attached."

“I am excited to say that I have found a productive research mentor to work under! I am very happy with the course contents and how straightforward they were!”

"I’ve secured several research opportunities!"

“I enjoyed the content on how to find a research mentor such as the template to reach out as well as “how to ask for projects that you want.” Both have worked well for me as I’ve secured several opportunities!”