Join Dr. Lily in this course and start crafting your standout personal statement today! 

The Standout Personal Statement in 5 Days Course, you'll learn the exact steps to bring the ideas from your head into a stellar, cohesive story on paper.

  • Getting Clear - First, let me briefly share with you the purpose of the personal statement (PS) and 5 mistakes you MUST avoid.
  • Day 1: Brainstorm - Let's get all those ideas onto paper and strategically choose which stories to use in your PS.
  • Day 2: Outline - Outlining is an extremely underrated method of developing a high-quality writing piece. Set yourself up for success by outlining with my 5-point framework.
  • Day 3: Write! - Craft an engaging introduction your readers can't wait to read, a cohesive story at highlights your strengths and skills, and a memorable conclusion.
  • Day 4: Revise - Use my key revision tips to ensure your writing is strong, even if you're not an expert writer.
  • Day 5: Review - Use my Standout Checklist to ensure your essay is memorable to the admissions committee! 

"I am so glad I chose Lily to review and edit my personal statement."

“She was very responsive and updated me on the status of my essay and returned the reviewed PS promptly. She addressed all my concerns and questions regarding my essays, and her feedback is very detailed and helped me craft a stronger essay. I definitely made the right decision choosing Lily to guide my med school app journey!”

- Joyce Dapula

"I'm really glad that I decided to have my personal statement reviewed by Lily!"

“After rewriting my essay a few times on my own, I really needed to get a fresh set of eyes to look at my essay. Although I've had close friends read over my essay, it was super helpful to have Lily's extensive comments and suggestions from the perspective of a current medical student. She was very detailed and specific which is exactly what I was looking for.”

- Jasmine Joen

"Lily helped me tremendously in editing my PS! As a non-traditional student, I lacked some of the resources for editing services, and it was so nice to get feedback from someone who is familiar with purpose and audience of the med school PS."

“She made comments on the word doc then provided a wonderful structured summary in a very timely manner! I felt much more comfortable with her versus other sites that my friends had used - I am so grateful!”

- Emma

"Lily knows exactly what she's doing! She is an incredible writer and gave me really great feedback on my personal statement."

“She provided me extremely thorough feedback and has a straightforward method of writing that is easy to follow. As a novice writer myself, she made this process so much easier for me. I am now really happy with my personal statement and am proud to submit this to residencies! I can not recommend her enough.”

- Sam S.