The Standout Personal Statement Course


The ONLY resource you need craft an incredible personal statement that will wow the admissions committee and secure you more interviews!

Are you are having trouble putting together a personal statement for medical school or residency applications?

I know, it's hard.

Maybe you are wondering about:

  • Where to start in creating a memorable personal statement
  • How to make sure your personal statement gets noticed
  • How to incorporate all the incredible things you've done up until now into one cohesive essay
  • How to create a theme so that you can be memorable

Well my friend, I've got you!

In the Standout Personal Statement Course, you'll learn the exact steps to bring the ideas from your head into a stellar, cohesive story on paper.

The process:

  • Getting Clear - Understand the purpose of the personal statement (PS) and 5 mistakes you MUST avoid so that you can start on the right foot.
  • Day 1: Brainstorm - Let's get all those ideas onto paper and strategically choose which stories to use in your PS.
  • Day 2: Outline - Outlining is an extremely underrated method of developing a high-quality writing piece. Set yourself up for success by outlining with my 5-point framework.
  • Day 3: Write! - Craft an engaging introduction your readers can't wait to read, a cohesive story at highlights your strengths and skills, and a memorable conclusion.
  • Day 4: Revise - Use my key revision tips to ensure your writing is strong, even if you're not an expert writer.
  • Day 5: Review - Use my Standout Checklist to ensure your essay is memorable to the admissions committee!

This course will give you the tools, inspiration, and guidance on your journey to crafting a standout personal statement!



The Standout Personal Statement Course
in 5 Days!

This course will take you through a easy, proven, step-by-step framework that will help you write an incredible essay that will wow the admissions committees and help you land more interviews!

Course Highlights

The Juicy Free Bonuses That Are Included!

Total Value (course + bonuses): $1,047

Gain exclusive access to successful PS's from students at top institutions (both residency and medical school).

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Lily's Residency Documents

From Lily's own personal statements, program-specific paragraphs, thank you emails, and letters of interest, she gives it all away in this course!

(Value: $150)

Save yourself time by learning from other students' mistakes! See bad PS examples and Lily's comments based on her experience as an expert editor.

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Why should you

join this course?

Perhaps you're thinking, "I can probably do this all on my own. There's a ton of free resources out there that I can use to put something together."

Well, let me tell you, my friend. I've had many students who try that and when I'm asked to review their personal statement, it is simply NOT good. 😬 We have to start from scratch, which is much more costly - in time, energy, and money.

Do it the right way from the start.

What a lot of free resources don't teach you is a strategic framework to craft your personal statement. They provide frustratingly general advice that doesn't help. I know this because I recently had to write my personal statement for residency a few months ago.
🌟 This course will provide you with a step-by-step logical framework that will answer the questions you didn't even know you had as you write your personal statement. 🌟



Save Time 

Don't spend hours trying to find all the resources to write your personal statement. Everything you need is inside this course.

Get a Proven Framework

The value of investing in a course is to get the resources you need laid out methodically and strategically. The quickest and most effective way to get where you want to go is to learn from someone who has successfully gone before you.

Save Money

Most advising companies will charge $500 - $2,000 to edit your personal statement. In this course, you will gain all the knowledge of how to write and revise your essay from someone who has edited hundreds of successful personal statements for only $197, plus you'll get a ton of extra bonuses that will help you with your application process! 


What My Students Have Said!

"Lily's personal statement course has helped me tremendously in crafting a personal statement that I am proud of! I felt lost and did not know what I wanted to write about. Her course allowed me to organize my thoughts and find a theme that I want to showcase to admission committees. The lessons were very thorough and made the writing process easier. I am very thankful for Lily's help! She knows exactly what she is doing. I definitely made the right choice in utilizing her personal statement course."

- Aryanne Do

“There are no words to describe how AMAZING Lily's Personal Statement Course is. I had no idea how to write a personal statement that can wow over medical schools. My first attempt was a complete mess until I took this course.This course completely blew me way! Its way more than I have paid for. Lily answered all my questions incredibly! The content and explanation was clear and concise. I love it!”

- Nadine Alkouchiri

“Lily's personal statement course has changed how I write, not just for personal statements but her information is adaptable for almost every writing style including emails, resumes, and letters of interest. I am typically a very good writer, I have been on admissions committees and edited hundreds of statements, but when it came to writing my own I couldn't find what I wanted to say. This course was exactly what I needed to help me narrow down my thought process during a time that has been stressful and overwhelming. Lily is incredibly well-spoken and well-researched. Her step-by-step guide sets obtainable goals for each day with examples and key takeaway points. This course should be mandatory for all pre-medical and medical students as they are in the process of writing personal statements. I am very proud of the statement I wrote and I can 100% say I got there through Lily's guidance.

-Hanah Williams

A $1,047 VALUE FOR $197 ONLY

The Standout Personal Statement 



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Meet the Instructor,

Dr. Lily, MD

The personal statement is one of my FAVORITE parts of the application! I have a passion for writing essays that evoke emotions, allows one’s personality shine through and makes the reader want to meet the writer. But let me tell you, it hasn't always been this way. I used to struggle with writing. So if that’s you, rest assure that you have an instructor who truly understands where you're coming from. I make it easy in this course, whether you're a novice or advanced writer.

Over years of learning and practicing, I've developed extremely strong writing skills. I have edited over 250 personal statements through my pre-med advising company, Med Mentors, where we've helped hundreds of students get into top medical schools such as Harvard and UCLA!

What I teach in this course is the exact framework I used to create my personal statement  when I applied to Otolaryngology residency and received 15+ interviews (plus, I share my exact personal statement with you in this course).




My students are extremely satisfied with my courses and personal statement edits.



I have a wealth of experience working with students with diverse experiences.





I have been on my school's admission committee all throughout medical school and know what adcoms look for. 

Commonly Asked Questions


"I highly recommend this course. It helped me optimize my personal statement. It will also help those who do not have a clue how to start their personal statement. Lily will take you through the process step by step. She's a great teacher, and she explains the steps clearly. The strong and weak PS examples were very valuable as well."

-Furqaan Lim

Start writing your PS today!