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✔️ PLAN your Step schedule with ease

✔️ STAY ORGANIZED with studying for high yield resources including Pathoma, First Aid, Boards & Beyond, and more

✔️ REACH your goal Step score with less stress!

Are you a medical student who is feeling overwhelmed with studying for one of the most important exams you'll ever take?

  • Maybe you understand that the Step 2 exam is going to be so important and Step 1 is the foundation of that so you're not going to sleep on studying for step!

  • Maybe you're hoping to match into a competitive speciality or at least keep all the doors open, so you really want to do well!

  • Maybe you've already spent so many hours studying the material throughout MS1/2 that you don't want to waste all that knowledge with a disorganized dedicated study period.

You want to get it right, and I want you to too.

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What if you could...

  • Wake up everyday knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to do well on your upcoming Step exam?

  • Focus more of your time on learning the content instead of stressing over where to start and what to do?

  • Use a simply calculator that allows you to calculate how many Uworld questions to do each day so you can actually get through Uworld?

  • Overcome the overwhelm by managing all your USMLE Step Exam tasks in ONE place?



My USMLE Calendar & Progress Tracker!


This will help you... 


✅  get clear on what you need to do during your pre-dedicated and dedicated study periods

✅ feel good about prioritizing and accomplishing your most important tasks during this stressful time

✅  be less stressed because you can track all your progress through study resources in one place

✅ worry less about actually finishing Uworld because you'll know how to plan it all out in advance

Note: This tracker includes both Google Sheets AND Notion (a free platform for students) versions.

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What's included

Customized Study Calendar

You can create your own custom study calendar with the pre-populated lectures of Pathoma, Online Med Ed, Boards and Beyond 1/2/3 and Sketchy Micro and Pharm.

You will also get an outline of the top tasks to complete 1 week before exam calendar so you can stay hyper focused during the important home stretch.

Progress Trackers

Stay organized and beat the overwhelmed by keeping up with knowing the lectures you've completed with my progress trackers for the high-yield step studying resources.

I highly recommend review these resources at least 2 before your exam and using my trackers will help you do just that.

The trackers are currently available for First Aid, Pathoma, Sketchy Micro/Pharm,  Boards & Beyond, and Online Med Ed. 

Exam Tracker

Use my simple guide to keep track of your practice NBME and Uworld self assessment exams. Trend your scores and maximize your studying by keying in on your strengths and weaknesses. 

UWorld Question Calculator

I create an easy to use calculator that provides you the number of Uworld questions you need to do per day in order to complete all of Uworld, instantly. No more wondering if you're able to finish Uworld in time.

Use this calculator to plan ahead and actually finish Uworld (the most important resources for step)! 

 Free Bonus!

New to Anki? Confused about where to start?

You'll get access to this free quick start guide with recommendations on which Anki Decks to use and tutorials that will help you set up Anki without all the fuss so you can start implementing Anki quickly

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Lily's Calendar is AMAZING! I was starting to feel really overwhelmed going into second year thinking about all the resources I should be using and how to plan it all out, but her planner makes it so easy! From outlining everything, to helping calculate numbers of questions and timelines, to even reminding us that there life outside of studying, this resource is EXACTLY what I needed

- Danielle Uibel, medical student

This tracker is a life saver! I love how it is split up into all the different boards resources and gives a guide for how to track your progress through material. Very easy to use and I can already tell it’s going to be extremely helpful for second year and dedicated study time. Well worth the price!

"I am a new user and I can say that I love how easy it is to navigate! I don’t like complicated things and this calendar tracker is for someone like myself who wants to plan fast and get to studying. 

Also, when you put in the date, the calendar pops up and automatically calculates the number of days you’ll have until exam day, which is really helpful!"

- Anne Constant, medical student

"The USMLE guide helped me during the initial planning of my study period. The guide helped me thru the chaos and to organize my studying."

- Megan Lowey, medical student

Hi, I'm Dr. Lily, MD

I am a current ENT resident and scored well on my Step exams, 246 on Step 1 and 269 on Step 2.

Studying for step was THE hardest part of medical school. 
When I was studying, I created a basic excel sheet to keep track of my schedule and progress. However, it was missing so many things. I felt SO overwhelmed by not having everything in one place or having a master spreadsheet that was actually helping me, not wasting my time. 

After spending too much time stressing over this, I decided to take all of my expertise and create one for you!

I’m excited to offer you this calendar and progress tracker so you can save time and no longer stress about keep track of your study schedule during this insanely stressful time!

Take a peek at what's inside!

(Notion version)




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  • Bonuses - Anki guide, Lily's USMLE schedules, training video on how to create your dedicated study schedule

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