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Email Template for Reaching Out For Opportunities

This will help you find a research mentor so you can start publishing and become a top medical school residency applicant!

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My Step 1 Study Dedicated Schedule

Get access to my 7-week dedicated schedule and learn exactly how I studied and did well for this challenging exam!

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Personal Statement Quick Start Guide

If you're struggling with how to start your personal statement for medical school or residency, stop wasting time and grab this free grab now!

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My signature courses that will get you closer to achieving your goals of becoming a competitive residency or medical school applicant! 

From Residency Interview to Match 


Maximize your chances at matching at your top program by mastering the art of interviewing with my tips having served as an admissions committee interviewer!

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The Standout Personal Statement


Gain insights from my years of expertise as an admissions committee member and get my framework many students have used to get accepted into medical school and residency!

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Research Publication Academy

Overcome the overwhelm of research and start publishing today!

This comprehensive program will help you find productive research mentors, give you the confidence to start your own research projects and fill up your CV with research!

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My resources 

From the perfect CV template to a guide on how to conduct a systematic review, I have affordable, instant downloadable PDF guides and templates to help you get one step closer to your goals!

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Grab my most popular resource: my CV Template!

Whether you're applying for research positions or a job, having a professional CV will help you land the position!

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Dr. Lily

Meet the Instructor.

Lily is a resident physician in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and recently completed a competitive research fellowship at Harvard Medical School/Mass Eye and Ear. She's a first-generation college student and is extremely passionate about mentorship. 

She founded Med Mentors, a mentorship program that has connected over 7,000 students. She has 7 years of clinical research experience and has done everything from retrospective chart reviews, prospective studies, systematic reviews, and case reports. She served on her medical school's admissions committee for 4 years and has personally advised many students who have successfully received acceptances from top medical schools including Harvard Medical School and UCLA! She hopes that you will be the next student she helps!



Lily know what it takes to optimize your research output.



Lily has experience working with students with diverse experiences.



As a medical student and research fellow, she published a significant number of scientific papers, and now teaches you how to do the same!

Struggling with writing the perfect personal statement?

Lily's personal statement course will help you confidently craft a stellar personal statement!

"There are no words to describe how AMAZING Lily's Personal Statement Course is. I had no idea how to write a personal statement that can wow over medical schools. My first attempt was a complete mess until I took this course.This course completely blew me way! Its way more than I have paid for. Lily answered all my questions incredibly! The content and explanation was clear and concise. I love it!"

-Nadine Alkouchiri


"Lily's personal statement course has changed how I write, not just for personal statements but her information is adaptable for almost every writing style including emails, resumes, and letters of interest. I am typically a very good writer, I have been on admissions committees and edited hundreds of statements, but when it came to writing my own I couldn't find what I wanted to say. This course was exactly what I needed to help me narrow down my thought process during a time that has been stressful and overwhelming. Lily is incredibly well-spoken and well-researched. Her step-by-step guide sets obtainable goals for each day with examples and key takeaway points. This course should be mandatory for all pre-medical and medical students as they are in the process of writing personal statements. I am very proud of the statement I wrote and I can 100% say I got there through Lily's guidance. "

-Hanah Williams

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A Complete Guide for Filling Out Your ERAS Application

Craft a stellar application with tips from an applicant who received over 20 interviews. Learn how to write your volunteer, work, and research sections effectively so that you can land more interviews!

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How to Write an Effective Manuscript Guide 

This 40-page easy-to-read guide will teach how everything you need to know in order to write a manuscript that will wow your research mentor and get your paper accepted!

Learn how write a manuscript!


USMLE Study Calendar and Resource Tracker

This Notion Template will keep you on track to finish your Uworld Questions and video lectures so that you can score as high as possible on your exam! This incorporates a checklist for the high-yield resources (Sketchy, Pathoma, First Aid, Boards and Beyond, and Online Med Ed).

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