From Residency Interview
to Match


The ONLY resource you need to go from feeling anxious and unprepared to confidently mastering your residency interview and securing a top match!


From Residency 
to Match


The ONLY resource you need to go from anxious and unprepared to confidently mastering your residency interview and securing a top match!

Are you concerned about your upcoming residency interviews?

Or maybe you've already had some that you're not feeling good about. 

Perhaps you're questioning:

  • How to start off on the right foot with properly answering "Tell me about yourself."
  • How to actually express your interest in a specialty in a meaningful and memorable way.
  • How to incorporate your key experiences in your responses and share your strengths without overdoing.
  • How to show up confidently for your interviews no matter how many curveballs are thrown your way.



This course will give you the tools, inspiration, and guidance to master your residency interviews so that you can match at your top choice! 

From this course, 

you will gain...

  • A proven framework - to answer the most common interview questions so that you can confidently nail your answers every time.
  • Insider tips - from an expert advisor who has had multiple years of experience sitting on an admission committee and interviewing applicants, plus who also recently completed 25+ residency interviews
  • Done-for-you templates - to save you precious time and energy. From letters of interests to maximize your interview changes to post-interview thank you emails and interview trackers, these templates will simplified the process for you while increasing your match chances.

Course Highlights

The free bonuses that are included

Total Value (course + bonuses): $250
Done-for-you Email Templates (Letter of Interests, Thank you Letters) & Interview Tracker

Save time and overwhelm by gaining access to Dr. Trinh's letters of interests that secured her more interviews and thank you letters to send after your interviews! 

(Value: $200)
A Complete List of Questions to Ask Programs

One of the most common questions you'll be asked is, "What questions do you have for me?" Use our list of over 100+ questions to strategically ask thoughtful questions and be a memorable applicant!

(Value: $50)


Why should you

join this course?

Perhaps you're thinking, "I can probably do this all on my own. There's a ton of free resources out there to help me prepare."

Well, information overload is part of today's problem. There is TOO much information out there that may or may not be credible, and it's too disorganized, which would take you HOURS to get through.

This one-of-a-kind course will provide you with action-driven and targeted advice for what you are specifically trying to accomplish. The knowledge in the course are from a successful and competitive applicant who attended over 25+ interviews last year so she understand exactly what you're going through and will provide you information you didn't even know you needed!

Course Benefits

Save Time 

Don't spend HOURS sifting through hundreds of resources to figure out how to prepare for the most important interviews of your life! 

Everything you need to master your interview is organized inside of this course! 

Get a Proven Framework

There are strategic ways to structure your interview responses to nail them every time.

Learn the foundational models you need to wow your interviewers so that you can be ranked highly!

Gain Confidence

Even though many applicants are well qualified, they unfortunately don't show up confidently for their interview because they are poorly prepared. 

After this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support to confidently show up to your interviews and stand out from the rest! 


"Incredibly helpful and provided me the guidance I needed to prepare strongly for interviews. Definitely felt confident after completing the course, especially as an applicant to a very competitive speciality!"

Virali S., Residency Applicant 2022

A $2,247+ VALUE FOR $127 ONLY

From Residency Interview to Match


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  • Lifetime access to all course videos covering interviewing tips and strategies for answering the most common interview questions
  • Access to email templates and guides to make your process easy and streamline 
  • Free access to any future course updates 
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Payment plan


2 monthly payments

  • Lifetime access to all course videos covering interviewing tips and strategies for answering the most common interview questions
  • Access to email templates and guides to make your process easy and streamline 
  • Free access to any future course updates
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Hear from Dr. Trinh's students

"I have practiced mock interviews with family and peers who are currently in medical school & have gone through the cycle, but Lily's careful attention to detail throughout our interview was by far the most helpful! Going through each of my responses in depth has helped me get a better gauge of how to structure my answers and optimize them for the school. I would highly recommend Lily's services!"

- Pre-med student, Accepted to Harvard Medical School

"Lily was such a great resource. Her feedback was professional, personal, and very helpful. She made the interview feel very real, and gave me a great feel for what to expect on my interview day. The questions she gave me were realistic and afterwards she gave great recommendations about how to elevate my answers. If you're like me and have never had any previous interview experience, I would seriously consider working with Lily."

- Pre-med student, Accepted to medical school

Meet the Instructor,

Dr. Lily, MD


Lily is currently a resident physician in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. She recently went through the virtual residency interview process last year so she intimately understands the process and has been in the exact position you are in now.

Throughout her time in medical school, she served as an interviewer for the Admissions Committee and conducted numerous interviews with prospective applicants and provided an evaluation of their performance to the admissions committee. Therefore, she knows what AdComs looks for in applicants. 

She is passionate about mentoring the next generation of future doctors and creates helpful resources for students to succeed in the medical school and residency application process.

She is the dedicated founder of Med Mentors, a mentorship program and pre-med/medical school advising company that has served over 1,000 students. She looks forward to having you in her course so that you can become part of her mentorship community!




To date, she has served over 1,000 very satisfied students and conducted over hundreds of mock interviews.



She served as an interviewer for the admissions committee throughout medical school and works closely with her residency program to evaluate medical students.




During her recent residency application process, she attended over 25 interviews, received positive feedback about her interviewed skills, and gained tremendous experience in perfecting the virtual interview!


If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing, but I’m still not 100% sure,” keep reading…

We want to give you every opportunity to put this course to work and experience first hand the value that it can bring.

We are confident you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to help you become more confident at interviewing that we will give you 7 days to test the principles that Dr. Trinh has used as a mock interviewer, admissions committee member, and recent residency interviewee. 

If you try out the course, and don't find it help. Just shoot us and email and we'll give you a refund. Just FYI, to date, we've had a 100% satisfaction rate. 💯😁

You have nothing to lose — only knowledge to gain when it comes to shining at your interviews! 


"The mock interview with Lily was really helpful and made me feel more confident about my upcoming interviews. She is very knowledgeable about the admissions process and she gave me priceless feedback for each question that she asked and my responses. She gave me very useful suggestions for improving my answers, as well as other important things like the length of my answers and the eye contact. The affordable price for the quality service you get is also great, and I am happy I was able to find Lily instead of paying an obscene amount of money for other mock interview services."


I want to crush my interview!